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OnePlus Nord review ( true all-rounder )
Anker soundcore motion+ detailed review

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Anker soundcore motion+ bluetooth speaker review
JBL Flip 6 offers tweeter upgrade
OnePlus Nord review and experience as I use it everyday
TPA3116 based 2.1 channel amp review (200 watts)
Anker soundcore motion plus with an external subwoofer (bass)
Nillkin super frosted case for OnePlus Nord (nice and clean)
Bluetooth speaker with sub crazy fun (feel the music with bass)
Nillkin Tempered Glass for OnePlus Nord - very smooth
Oneplus nord oxygen os 11 open beta 1 bugs and issues
OnePlus Nord Oxygen OS 11 stable version update
RGB led strip setup and test on stock modes (a lot of fun)
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Motion+ has an excellent design and build that can really help with the sound dispersion and nice stereo separation. I have played with the eq bands quite a lot and they are real eq  ( more ... )
OnePlus Nord review - balance is the key ...
The original oneplus nord has capable hardware to run things smoothly. The 5G processor is combined with android 10 and oxygen os 10 which provides clean and smooth experience  ( more ... )
JBL Flip 6 offers meaningful upgrade ...
The new JBL Flip 6 having an additional 10 watts tweeter, sounds more open and airy. It is quite harsh and bass light at higher volumes. It can   not win over soundcore motion+ in stereo  ( more ... )
Nillkin Tempered Glass for OnePlus Nord ...
The cp+ pro version of nillkin tempered glass is very high quality and smooth. The fit for oneplus nord's display is on point. It has curved edge and plenty of adhesive for clean installation  ( more ... )
You can find these RGB led strips pretty cheap but they work just fine. I did not find any issues with them. These are very cool and fun to play. You can buy led strips like this and make  ( more ... )
The quality is very good and it's a nice clean design. The fit and finish is also good. It's a hard case and can provide some protection. Only downside is very hard to remove from phone  ( more ... )
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